Meet Land USA

We founded Land USA as a way to help landowners sell their unwanted vacant, bare, and/or raw land.

Many of the lots we buy are in rural, or undeveloped areas, making them hard to sell through traditional methods. However, we are interested in all types of land; rural, suburban and even commercial… we will make an offer on almost any lot, helping you to get the funds you need for other investments.

Land USA is based in Arizona, however, we are currently buying properties throughout the United States.

How We Work With Property Owners

At the end of the day, our mission is to provide our customers with a 5-star experience that leaves a lasting impression through honest, simple solutions. We help put vacant land into peoples’ hands who are able to use them for their best and highest use. Working with both landowners and land buyers every day, we love to help you as the landowner turn your unwanted land into funds in your pocket that you can put to better use elsewhere. And we love working with land buyers to help your vision come to life with that new piece of land.

We look forward to working with you and are here for any questions at all!